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You Can Heal

Yes, you can, no matter your age, your health condition, your state of life or your accumulated beliefs that tell you this is all there is. You have the power to change your life. We often forget how powerful we really are while living within the expectations of those around us and the false beliefs of smallness that we often adopted as children. We can spend our lives searching outwardly for the answers, where we can find joy or health or fulfillment in another person’s medicine or a pill we can take. But when our search fails to heal what ails us, we may reach a point of frustration and even desperation. We may encounter a Dark Night of the soul, where we are brought to the edge of what we think we can handle. This can happen one or many times. You may be in it right now.

Understand that these painful moments are where heaven and earth intersect, a choice point. And your choices from here determine if you stay where you’ve been, or if you will change your trajectory, trusting that the answers are within you, and have been waiting there all along. No one else but you can really heal your life. No one else knows the history, traumas, emotions and beliefs you hold, nor how uncomfortable those things make you feel. Yet exploring these is the key to breaking down the tight walls you may have accepted as your impermeable boundary of limitations.

How do you do this? How do you begin? First, you must be willing to accept that you are greater than you may currently know yourself to be. You must be willing to see the truth of you, to accept that all of the pain of this life has been trying to bring you back home to yourself. (And here’s a clue: separation from Love, which is who we truly are and the Source from which we all come, is the cause of pain.) Maybe you shut down natural abilities, or denied authentic parts of yourself over the years, just to fit into your family or your environment. But those parts and abilities are still there, and reclaiming each one will bring you new liberation and joy. You can access these pieces if you are ready to break down those self-created walls to find your treasure. I promise it is there, this golden light of your own soul, ready to be lived as freedom, joy, fulfillment and purpose.

I know this because I have long been on this journey, and I am still discovering more and more of the authentic love and joy within my own soul. It changes everything to find this. The world can never be the same. And, if you choose to take responsibility for your current state, choosing to reclaim all of yourself, you will no longer feel trapped, powerless or resigned to unhappiness, because you will understand the infinite intelligence of your heart and the unshakable peace of living your most expansive and empowered life.

Your gifts are IMPORTANT. YOU ARE IMPORTANT. No one else has the same recipe of magic you were born with. The world needs each one of us to shine uniquely and brightly; it is why we are here. And the infinite intelligence of the Universe supports you in radiating your magic. You are worthy of the most brilliant life! And living that life will uplift everyone around you.

If this calls to you, then you are ready. It’s time to remember who you really are!

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