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How it Works

HIW Spiritual Messages

Spiritual Messages

Intuition is a natural gift that we all possess, meant to point us in the direction that our souls urge us to go throughout our lives. Developing it  is just like building any muscle; it can take practice for us to hear it clearly. 


I am passionate about intuitive work because through it we can gain a deeper understanding of the events in our lives, the purpose of pain and the opportunities for growth and joy. We learn that we are never really alone in our struggles, and we can begin to see that the Universe is always conspiring in our favor towards growth and expansion. 

Are you ready to open your heart to the possibilities?

HIW Mediumshp

How it works...

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We are all constantly surrounded by loved ones in spirit, guides and teachers who love us unconditionally and who wish to help us throughout our lives, whether we are aware of them or not. Mediumship is an opportunity to receive messages, closure, wisdom, healing and love from this amazing support system. It is a three-way conversation between a Medium, the sitter (client), and their loved ones or guides in the Spirit World. A Medium is someone who is sensitive to subtle energy and can tune into the energy of Spirit around them. As a Medium develops their gifts through practice, they learn to translate the messages that they receive for the living relatives more and more accurately.

Mediumship is like a puzzle. There are many different ways to receive information and everyone's abilities are different. I am a very Clair-sentient Medium, meaning that, first and foremost, I feel information physically in my body that the Spirit World provides as clues. (For example, I can feel the weight of a man versus a woman; Spirit will nudge me to show which side of the family they come from; and I can often feel how the person died or ailments they suffered before their death.) Depending on the Spirit, I can often hear their words and even sometimes their accents. This is called Clair-audience. Sometimes they show me images (Clair-voyance) that are significant to them, and sometimes they just drop information into my mind (Clair-cognizance) that I just know without knowing exactly how. Some Mediums smell and taste things, though this happens less frequently in my experience. The Spirit World uses the knowledge and experience of the Medium to build up a sort of library of how they can get information across. Some spirits will blend easily with my energy, and their messages will come through loud and clear, while some will not be as easily understood. 

It's important to note: The Medium is like the lens or filter through which the messages flow, just as a healer is the filter through which healing energy flows. Their experiences as well as their own spiritual, mental and emotional health all play a role in how pure the information or energy coming in will be. If there's a lot of biases and personal wounding that has not been addressed/ healed within this filter, the information may come through distorted by the biases, beliefs and emotional triggers of the Medium. This is why finding a sincere Medium dedicated to their own healing process is so important. A clean filter allows for the truest possible translation of Spirit's messages.

How it works...

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The Tarot is one of many tools used to access the intuition and the innate wisdom within each of us. Tarot is a deck of 78 cards filled with symbolism and meaning. 22 of the cards are called the Major Arcana, which represent the archetypes of human existence as well as the spiritual lessons available throughout growth. The remaining 56 cards, called the Minor Arcana, represent the trials of everyday life.


Tarot is a reflection of our life and the trials we are faced with. Every spiritual lesson we could face in our lives is within the 78 cards. And, when we use the cards as a tool to connect with our inner intuitive wisdom, they show us what we must learn and master in order to live life in an inspired and growth-motivated way.

When a person has a Tarot reading, the reader shuffles and draws cards in answer to a question. In the spiritual view, there are no accidents, and everything happens for a reason, so the cards that seem randomly selected are actually intentionally drawn to the energy of the recipient. This is true for Oracle Cards as well. The card reader accesses their intuition to understand what the cards and their images mean regarding the question asked. 

Tarot is not meant to be prophetic. The cards simply give us a better understanding of both the conscious and subconscious motivations around our choices and actions. Tarot allows us to access the intuitive wisdom within us as spiritual beings.

HIW Tarot
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HIW Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing

Traditionally, a Shaman was a visionary healer who, through altered states of consciousness, was able to access information from the hidden realms of the spiritual plane, in order to identify and energetically address the sources of dis-ease and disfunction in the mind, body, heart and spirit. Shamans were called to healing work, often after experiencing great pain, trauma or illness themselves, called a Dark Night of the Soul. Learning to overcome the obstacles to self-healing for themselves, they became guides in their communities for healing and wisdom. In Shamanism, physical illness is caused by imbalance or distress in the mental, emotional or spiritual bodies. 


Shamanic healing is the process of accessing the wisdom of Spirit (working with Spirit healers, Guides and Power Animals) to ascertain what means will be most effective to promote healing for the recipient, followed by targeted Energy Work to encourage healthy changes to the system. 

HW Shamanic Energy Work
HIW Power Animal Retrieval
HIW Extraction

How it works...

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Shamanic Energy Work

Energy work is the process of channeling life force energy (often through the practitioner's hands) into blocked areas of the body or energetic system of the recipient in order to restore balance and flow in those areas. This restored flow enables the body to further heal on its own. Energy work is beneficial to the whole being: body, mind, heart, and spirit. Shifts can be made in any or all of these areas during a session, allowing for healing to take place in subtle or dramatic ways. 


As a Shamanic practitioner, I am grateful to have a dedicated Spirit teacher as my guide in this work. In a session, I am guided (through Claire-sentience) to locations in the body of my clients where energetic stagnation, pain and sometimes disease are located. (Clairsentience means “clear feeling,” which is the ability to feel or sense intuitive information through sensations in my own body.) From there, I am directed on how to effectively bring flow and balance back to the body. This process makes way for powerful and healing changes to roll through body, mind, heart and spirit for lasting repair and healing. 

Prior to Shamanic healing sessions, and with permission from the client, I will go on a diagnostic journey to learn what is recommended for them. This may include any of the following: Power Animal Retrieval, Extraction or Soul Retrieval.  

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Power Animal Retrieval 
A Power Animal is a spiritual ally that assists us throughout the challenges we face in life. We each have power animals, just as we have other guides, that are alive with us, actively supporting us whether we are aware of them or not. We can see power animals as symbols representing a part of our soul, carrying certain traits or abilities we naturally possess.  
Power animal retrieval is a way to restore or increase power and even bring a greater sense of wholeness to the recipient. When traumas or jarring events happen to us, fragmentation can occur within the self. We may feel stuck or struggle with defeating behaviors afterwards, without understanding that we are missing a natural part of our selves. The retrieval is the process of asking a power animal that has worked with one previously to return to them. This process is helpful to everyone because it returns more energy or power back in our live.

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Extraction is the process of removing misplaced energies, called "Intrusions" from the body, mind, heart or spirit. These Intrusions can be thought forms, unconscious beliefs, attachments, energetic wounds, draining or unhealthy energies, or the energy of past or current life traumas that can cause stagnation, or other disfunction. These energies are drawn out of the system through the guidance of the Spirit healer, and they are safely returned to the Earth where they are rendered harmless. 

Usually only three intrusions are removed in one session in order to prevent a substantial healing crises. Following the extraction, there may be thoughts, memories or old emotions that arise that will need to move through. These are simply residual effects of the now-removed intrusions. 

Power Animal Retrieval and Extraction are often complimentary to each other in a session, as Extraction removes misplaced energies and Power Animal Retrieval brings beneficial energy back into the body. This can be especially helpful for those who have suffered with long-term illness. 

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Soul Retrieval
When we experience traumas, it's as if the shock of these kinds of events can cause a small part of the soul self to fragment...a part that we feel separated from consciously or unconsciously, as we move on with our lives. This can sometimes manifest as feeling numb or dissociating, as a splintering off of an aspect of our personality or of losing abilities we once had. A good indicator of soul loss is the feeling of "just not being the same after that event happened" or forgetting what one "used to be like." That piece of soul is waiting to be called back at a time when the person is ready to heal the pain of the original wound that caused the splintering effect. 

Soul Retrieval is the process of inquiring within the Inner worlds to find the missing piece of soul and drawing it back to its person. With the return of this piece, memories, thoughts or emotions will often surface over the next days, weeks, even months, after the Soul Retrieval has been done, that will need to move through in order to complete the healing process.
Soul Retrieval

How it works...


Malas are traditional prayer bead necklaces that originated from the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, used for prayer and meditation. There are 108 beads, one Guru bead, and a tassel. There are 108 beads symbolizing the 108 mortal desires we must overcome as humans, according to Buddhist tradition. The single Guru Bead represents gratitude and our oneness with the Divine. And the tassel symbolizes our highest truth. Malas are often used to count mantras in meditation, and when created with natural stones, they bring their own healing energy for the wearer/user. 

Our malas are made from a combination of natural stones. They may be selected for color, or for the healing properties of the stones. See The Store for a variety of malas that are available. Contact Me for upcoming malt-making classes or for custom mala orders.



Stone Bracelets
Our beautiful bracelets are hand made with natural stones, strung on an elastic cord for easy wearability and durability. These bracelets can be worn in the shower or washing dishes. The natural stones provide their own particular energy that is beneficial to the wearer. We have a variety of pre-made bracelets to choose from in The Store. These are typically 8 inches in length. If you are looking for a custom size or particular stones / healing properties, feel free to Contact Me for custom requests, or to inquire about bracelet-making classes.  

HIW Stones & Crystals
HIW Malas

Stones & Crystals

Our Earth provides so many different kinds of medicine for us, from herbs to stones. When we can recognize the healing power of nature and what it offers, we can empower our own healing, drawing to us what we'd like our health or state of being to reflect.

Human beings have prized rocks since the beginning of history as talismans for their beauty and natural healing properties. We can draw these healing properties into our lives when we use particular rocks in our environments or wear them on our person. This is an easy way to begin to trust our intuitions, knowing that we will be drawn to what is most helpful to us.  

HIW Bracelets
HIW Mehndi

Mehndi (Henna)

Henna is a plant that has been valued for thousands of years medicinally and for its powerful dying properties for the hair, nails and skin. Henna art (or Mehndi) is the traditional use of henna paste made with dried and ground leaves applied to the skin in beautiful decorative designs and patterns. Once the dried paste is removed, a sort of temporary tattoo of the art is left on the skin in a lovely shade of brown. Though the origins of Henna art are uncertain, it was used throughout the Middle East and Africa, and in ancient India and Egypt. It is thought to have even been used by Cleopatra to decorate her skin.

Henna is considered a blessing for the wearer. It is associated with positive spirits, prosperity and good luck. In Hindu cultures, Henna is painted on the bride as a symbol of beauty, joy and spiritual awakening. It is used for rites of passage, religious ceremonies, pregnancies, festivals and simply for adornment. Henna is now a global art form, appreciated for its beauty and for its traditional uses. 

How it works...


Mehndi (Henna)
We make our henna paste without harsh chemical ingredients. We only use natural henna powder, sugar, lemon juice and essential oils.

When you schedule a henna session, we will discuss options for the design you would like according to the time you book. If it is for a group, simpler designs will be offered to fit the time allotted. 

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