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Stones & Crystals

Accessing the Power of Nature

Human beings have prized stones and crystals since the beginning of history as talismans for their beauty and natural healing properties. We can draw these healing properties into our lives when we put particular rocks in our environments or wear them on our person. This is an easy way to begin to trust our intuition, knowing that we will be drawing what is most helpful to us.  

Natural stone malas and bracelets make thoughtful and unique gifts for friends and loved ones. Contact Chris for custom malas, bracelets or Bridal Mala Sets. Or inquire about upcoming mala and bracelet-making classes, where you can creatively choose your own combination of stones, healing properties and colors! 



Bridal Mala Sets


Searching for the perfect wedding gift to give? I create Bridal Mala Sets unique to the happy couple in your life! We can use the wedding colors, or we can focus on what would be most intuitively healing for them individually. 

Mala Beads Necklace


Malas are traditional prayer bead necklaces that originated from the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, used for prayer and meditation. There are 108 beads, one Guru bead, and a tassel. There are 108 beads symbolizing the 108 mortal desires we must overcome as humans, according to Buddhist tradition. The single Guru Bead represents gratitude and our oneness with the Divine. And the tassel symbolizes our highest truth. Malas are often used to count mantras in meditation or simply be worn for their beauty. When they are made intentionally for healing with natural stones, they become talismans bearing that energy for the wearer/user. 

Our malas are made from a combination of natural stones. They may be selected for color or for the healing properties of the stones. See The Store for a variety of malas that are available. Contact Me for upcoming mala-making classes or for custom mala orders.


Stone Bracelets


Stone Bracelets
Our beautiful bracelets are hand made with natural stones, strung on an elastic nylon cord for easy wearability and durability. These bracelets can be worn in the shower or washing dishes. The natural stones provide their own particular energy that is beneficial to the wearer. We have a variety of pre-made bracelets to choose from in The Store. These are typically 8 inches in length. If you are looking for a custom size or particular stones / healing properties, feel free to Contact Me for custom requests, or to inquire about bracelet-making classes.  

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