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My name is Christina Walter.

I created this site to share my love and passion for the creative and the spiritual. Welcome to this space, where the walls are decorated with art and the Spirits gather, supporting our growth. Here, art, mediumship and shamanic healing are our friendly tour guides, urging us all to look within, to find love and acceptance for our beautiful selves, to heal what hurts and to grow into the amazing, intuitive and creative beings that we all are deep down. It’s a big invitation.


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Hello! I'M a SPIRITUAL MEDIUM and an


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Are you ready to open up to new conversations, inspirations and possibilities? Join me for upcoming events, classes and talks soon. Check back often to see what is new, or join the mailing list!

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My time spent with Chris and her incredible gift of mediumship has been life changing.  My first session was mind blowing as I was given strong evidence I was talking to my grandmother and was able to feel such an outpouring of love from all who came to talk with me.  I have made a visit to Chris a yearly event and each visit offers me new insights and support from my ancestors.  Now walking through the world is a bit easier knowing that I have that support even when I feel alone in the physical realm.  And then there’s Chris herself…a complete and total delight who makes each session comfortable and loving.