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Welcome to the Art Gallery!

Making art is the joy, the fuel of my life. When I work, it's like lightening striking the ground... a current of inspiration and energy flows in. My hands feel guided in forming the materials I work with, and something new and marvelous manifests into the world. A piece of my spirit takes physical shape, whispering its secrets to those who look closely and listen with their hearts. We channel our Divinity through what we create. 

I share my work here with hopes of encouraging the creators in each of us to make something that wasn’t there before. May you be inspired in your own creative efforts to discover the exalted voice of your own beautiful spirit! 

With love, Chris

“Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence."







Stained Glass

Pia De Tolomei In Glass

Pia De Tolomei In Glass

This is a stained glass version of one of my favorite paintings, the Pia De Tolomei by Dante Gabriel Rossetti.Using the old method of painting with ground glass paints, I then kiln-fired the painted pieces, which bonds the painted details to the glass beneath it. This is how the old stained glass makers used to paint their windows.

The Moon In Glass

The Moon In Glass

Alphonse Much painted the original painting, titled "The Moon," which inspired this stained glass version. I changed the flowers into roses to symbolize the Divine Feminine here.

Boreas in Glass

Boreas in Glass

This stained glass piece was inspired by "Boreas" by John William Waterhouse. I always felt I could relate to this painting, with the winds blowing the woman forward and the crow leading her on her path.

Church Glass

Church Glass

When I found this frame, I was inspired to make it into a stained glass window. It has the feeling of the stained glass seen in churches, and I love the old worn look of the wood.

Experimenting with CONCRETE

Sculpture is a great love of mine. But over the years, due to the lack of a kiln to fire clay, I took a hiatus, delving into 2D art. Recently, however, I decided to try my hand at sculpting with concrete, and admittedly, there is a big learning curve. I have already had my share of chemical burns, a problem that has been largely remedied by creating my own mixes from scratch versus using pre-mixed blends. I am determined to get the details figured out, because there are a lot of things I'm ready to make! And I have my sights set on carving rock, so this is good preparation for that. Below find an interactive gallery of these experiments so far, with more to come!