We have lots of things to talk about! 

Writing is another one of my favorite self-healing tools. I write in my journal almost every day. It's a great way to clear the clutter and tune into my thoughts and emotions, often bringing welcomed clarity, self-acceptance and resolution. I highly recommend it!


As the clutter clears, often there is a topic that arises that feels important to share. That's what you'll find here on the Blog page. I will share posts about personal feelings, ideas, projects, art processes, healing modalities and experiences and so on. Sometimes, as I write, I feel the influence of the Spirit Guides who work with me, and I simply transpose their guidance as it streams in. (This is called conscious channeling.) As a medium and Spirit Artist, this is most exciting for me. I hope you find something here that will resonate with your experiences in a helpful way. 

Happy reading!

Love, Chris