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Transform Your Life

Welcome. What brings you here today?

This is the work I do. Choose what inspires you!

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Fine Art

Surround yourself with beauty and make your environment inspirational. Let Art stir the longing of your spirit, and plant seeds of hope, healing and joy all around you.

Healing crystal grid kit, lovely wicca crystal set. Healing gems for witches alter, clear

Healing & Guidance

Open yourself to the wisdom of your own spirit, and the loving guidance that is always available to you. Healing is fully possible here.

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Find tools that encourage your expansion into your purpose and fulfillment. Nourish your joy and inspire your self-healing process.

I'm a spiritual medium, healer and artist who helps others remember who they are at a soul level, so they can heal their pain, reclaim their joy and grow into their most authentic and gifted selves.

Hello, there! I'm Christina.

I am a spiritual medium, healer and artist who helps others remember their innate power, authenticity and gifts, by healing past pain and connecting with their own intuitive guidance. I have spent my life breaking beyond the limitations and self-perpetuated barriers of who I thought I was supposed to be in order to live authentically from the depths of my soul. It is the most rewarding journey of our lives, the one we were meant to travel, and I passionately serve others who are ready to reclaim their power and joy


My life's work is empowering others to reconnect with their authentic selves, to heal their pain, to follow their joy and to live their soul's purpose. 


Every positive step we take to heal ourselves and open up to more joy creates a wave of change around us. And you hold the key to creating the life you were born to live! Are you ready to change your life and ultimately change the world for the better? 


Let's do this!  


Hello, there! I'm Christina.

I am a spiritual medium, shamanic healer and artist. I help others reconnect with their authentic selves and reclaim their natural joy by healing their pain, tuning into their intuitive gifts and discovering the loving Guidance that is always available to them.


Every step we take to heal ourselves and embody our soul brilliance creates a wave of healing around us. Are you ready to change your life and ultimately change the world for the better? 


Let's do this!  




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My time spent with Chris and her incredible gift of mediumship has been life changing.  My first session was mind blowing as I was given strong evidence I was talking to my grandmother and was able to feel such an outpouring of love from all who came to talk with me.  I have made a visit to Chris a yearly event and each visit offers me new insights and support from my ancestors.  Now walking through the world is a bit easier knowing that I have that support even when I feel alone in the physical realm.  And then there’s Chris herself…a complete and total delight who makes each session comfortable and loving.


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