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Heal. Grow. Create.


What brings you here today?

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Surround yourself with beauty and make your environment inspirational. Let intentional art plant seeds of hope and inspiration in your space. 

Image by Galina N

Open yourself to the wisdom of your own spirit, and the loving guidance that is always available to you. Learn to heal yourself on a deep level.

Healing crystal grid kit, lovely wicca crystal set. Healing gems for witches alter, clear

Find events and classes that encourage your expansion into your purpose and fulfillment. Nourish your joy and inspire your self-healing process with new friends.

Hello, there! I'm Christina.

I am a spiritual medium, Shamanic healer and artist.

Through the healing work I do,  I help others remember who they are at a soul level, so they can heal their pain, reclaim their joy and grow into their most authentic and gifted selves. This is a lifelong personal pursuit, and I passionately serve others who are ready to discover and live their soul's purpose. 


Through my art, I bring beauty and intention into both public and private spaces. Healing is always part of my art, and everything I create is made with the intention to bring this healing experience to the viewer. 




About the Work

My work is to awaken our connection with the purity and power within each of us, that purest love that enables healing on all levels. When we are connected with our essence of pure love, we naturally move into a state of healthy flow, allowing us to tap into the brilliance of our own spirits for guidance and direction to live our best lives.

We can heal ourselves

Wondering if this work will benefit you?

While mediumship and Shamanic healing can be very healing, you may especially benefit if you see yourself in any of the statements below:


  • You are actively on the path of self healing and growth.

  • You are ready to embody your authentic self by releasing limiting thoughts, beliefs, and blocks.

  • You are experiencing spiritual awakening symptoms or difficulties that you’d like help navigating. 

  • You are seeking deeper understanding about where you’re headed and looking for clarity.

  • You are interested in expanding your intuition, and accessing the help of your Spirit Guides.

  • You are ready to discover your innate gifts and reclaim your birthright of joy.

  • You may be experiencing unexplained (and possibly long-term) health challenges that you're ready to heal.

  • You are empathic, or sensitive to the energy and emotions of others, and are looking for help understanding your empathy.

  • You are a healer yourself.

Image by Bruce  Hong

An Evening with Spirit


Gallery Reading 

Saturday, June 15 from 6-8pm


Christina, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the session. It was probably one of the most life-changing events that I can think of, even though I knew in my heart that there were people around me and that there was somewhere else beyond this life. Having them there and being able to give their messages to me was incredible. I love your energy and your message. 


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