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Meet Christina


Hi, there!

My name is Christina Walter. I am a Shamanic Healer, Medium and mother of three. I have a special interest in working with those who are ready to do the deep work of self-healing. I know how it feels to be sick and not know how to feel better. Through my work, I have discovered that healing the body and energy requires healing the heart and mind. Working with clients, we go deeper and face the stored emotional pain and trauma of the past. Through this work, I help clients learn how to find self compassion and their authentic voice. 


I have a BFA in Fine Arts through MSU in Denver. I went on to study Mediumship for several years with Mary Torrey, an Associate Minister and Spiritual Medium in Westminster, Colorado. I studied at two Spiritualist schools, DeZwanenhof in Holland and Camp Chesterfield in Indiana, to further my work in trance healing and mediumship. I later I trained in Shamanic Healing with Julianne Santini, a long-time student of Sandra Ingerman. I also have a background in Intuitive development, meditation, Reiki and yoga, all to further understand the connection between our spirits, bodies, minds and emotions. 


Beauty and meaning are driving forces in my life, and I am inspired by the spiritual in all of the work that I do. My interest is in not only using the intuitive processes to guide my work, my art and self-healing, but also to empower others in their healing processes.


We are all intuitive and wise at our core. Creativity can be a resource and a teacher, showing us what is happening internally. And, when we are open to it, the wisdom and assistance available to us from Spirit can promote powerful and effective healing when we are in cooperation with it. 

I am honored to share my work with you. I hope you find something helpful and inspirational in these pages to aide you on your journey. 

With love, Chris



One way to empower ourselves in our own healing is through the use of natural stones. Here we create beautiful mala beads and bracelets with a variety of natural stones, chosen for their unique healing properties. Each piece of sacred jewelry is cleared and imbued with healing intention for the highest good of the wearer. Visit our store to see what is available, or contact Chris via our contact page for custom order requests. 


The Universe, in all its wisdom, is guiding each of us toward a path of self-healing through our experiences, so that we may shed the false ideas and beliefs about who we think we are in order to understand how truly limitless our potential is! How amazing does it feel to hear that? Even if we personally can’t see it in the moment, and even if the inner critic’s voice is loudest in our minds, there is the image of the Divine within each of us that is waiting to be discovered!