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Meet Christina

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Hello, there!

My name is Christina Walter, and I am a Colorado artist, medium, Shamanic healer and mother of three. 

I was born into a strict Mid-Western family, to a pair of hard-working parents and six older siblings. Spirit has been visiting me since I was very small, and it was natural for me to sense that invisible world of energy and emotion. I quickly learned, however, that the rigid and indoctrinated environment of my childhood allowed no place for my intuitive and empathic gifts. So, like those around me, I shut down my sensitivities and learned to stuff my emotions in order to safely fit in. I gratefully learned to express myself through art, which continues to be a source of joy and healing for me.

But we can only deny our authentic selves for so long before there is a consequence. And for me, that meant suffering decades of chronic illness in the form of auto-immune disease, which ironically is the body fighting itself. (How's that for a physical manifestation of the spiritual state of self-denial!) My health continued to decline, despite years of intense medical treatment and a relentless determination to heal. It was only when I accepted and learned how to use my natural gifts that I finally began to heal through them. Part of that healing required that I face the deep well of grief and trauma I had buried within the course of my life. I had to take full responsibility for my empathy, too, learning how to use it in healthy, empowered ways instead of as a survival tool. So many valuable lessons!

Cooperating in my own healing fueled my drive to help others. I am passionate about working with open-hearted people who are ready to break through their personal barriers to personal healing and self-realization.

  • I work with those looking for healing around grief, death or loss of a loved one.

  • I work with people who desire connection with the loving Guidance that is all around and within us, many of whom are interested in learning how to connect with that Guidance themselves.

  • And I also assist empaths, healers, budding mediums and sensitives who are tuning in to so much more information than they may understand, many of whom may suffer physical ailments of their own. 

If you see yourself here, I would love to support you in your sacred work. Your empowerment makes the world a better place. Healing is possible. Joy is our birthright.

Let's heal this world one beautiful human at a time!

With love, Chris



I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts through MSU in Denver. I am a lifetime learner of the creative process, studying ceramics, sculpture, drawing, life drawing, painting, print-making, stained glass, lampworking, mala-making and graphic design. I am self-taught in woodburning, furniture refinishing, concrete sculpture and mosaics.  



To understand my intuitive gifts, I studied Mediumship for several years with Mary Torrey, an Associate Minister and Spiritual Medium in Westminster, Colorado. I became a student teacher under her guidance for over a year in Trance Mediumship. I earned level one and level two Usuii Reiki practitioner certifications, opening me up to healing through energy work. I studied at two Spiritualist schools, DeZwanenhof in Holland and Camp Chesterfield in Indiana, to further my work in Trance Healing and Mediumship. Diving deeper into the study of energy, I trained in Shamanic Healing with Julianne Santini, a long-time student of Sandra Ingerman. In order to understand trauma response and recovery as an extension of my healing process, I trained and volunteered with a non-profit in Denver called The Blue Bench on their Crisis helpline for victims of sexual assault. I studied the effects of personal childhood trauma through the emotional healing process, counseling and somatic therapies. I facilitated a weekly Meditation Circle for over four years from my home, providing intuitive development and mediumship guidance. As my health improved, I completed a 250 hour yoga teacher certification in 2020. I studied the Tarot, the Akashic Records, Spirit Art and the art of Auragraphs. I am currently studying Astrology and training in Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu, all to further understand the connection between our spirits, bodies, minds and emotions. I continue to mentor private students in spiritual growth, healthy empathy, mediumship and Shamanic healing. 



My time spent with Chris and her incredible gift of mediumship has been life changing.  My first session was mind blowing as I was given strong evidence I was talking to my grandmother and was able to feel such an outpouring of love from all who came to talk with me.  I have made a visit to Chris a yearly event and each visit offers me new insights and support from my ancestors.  Now walking through the world is a bit easier knowing that I have that support even when I feel alone in the physical realm.  And then there’s Chris herself…a complete and total delight who makes each session comfortable and loving.



The Universe, in all its wisdom, is guiding each of us toward a path of self-healing through our experiences, so that we may shed the false ideas and beliefs about who we think we are in order to understand how truly limitless our potential is!  Even if we personally can’t see it in the moment, and even if the inner critic’s voice is loudest in our minds, the Divine spark within each of us is waiting to be expressed so that we can contribute our unique brilliance to the world.

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