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Don't you just Love this!

Size: 8.5"

Stone Size: 8mm

Stones Included on this bracelet: Lodolite Quartz, African Opal Jasper, Indian Agate


Natural healing properties of these stones:

African Opal Jasper (Variscite) - Inner peace, love and compassion; simplicity, clarity, emotional healing; cleanses aura; helps one to release self-destructive behaviors; alignment of the physical and Light bodies 


Lodolite Quartz - Not only heals the overall body, but amplifies the overall energy; cleanses aura, inner soul and environment; realigns disrupted frequencies of chakras. Soothing and comforting stone that acts as an effective cleanser to the organs; stimulates the immune system and the energy system, helping to bring the overall body into balance. Aids the respiratory tract and the membranes as well. 


Indian Agate - a great aid for meditation, and a powerful healing stone. Indian agate gives physical strength & emotional security. Aids in healing, protection, balancing yin / yang energy, courage, calming.


Healing and Peace Bracelet

SKU: B27