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The Sanctuary was created with growth in mind. Our Plan (below) is how we envision what the Sanctuary will look like as it develops. Visit us often to see what's new!


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It is your light that lights the world.

Christina Walter Bio


To be a spirit-guided source of truth, love and healing for the communitiy, where one may find gifted practitioners of various healing modalities with the most sincere desire to be of service to the healing of the planet.


  • To be a trusted source of healers across various modalities for those seeking legitimate help on their healing path.

  • To create a sacred atmosphere for healing for the highest good for all who participate.

  • To grow our available practitioner list slowly and steadily, choosing carefully those whose abilities and intentions are in alignment with the strict humanitarian mission that the Sanctuary upholds.

  • To commit a percentage of our proceeds for outreach in the community, in order to spread healing beyond our “walls.”

  • To encourage others to heal themselves with the aid of our services, and, in so doing, to know they are helping others as well.

  • To provide classes and events that promote spiritual development and personal growth, facilitated by our practitioners, so that the community may be introduced to these outstanding people

  • To eventually have a brick and mortar home where our services may be rendered on a more permanent basis. This home will consist of a meditation garden and many healing rooms for use by practitioners, as well as an area dedicated to the healing of animals. We are so excited to bring this beautiful vision to life soon!

  • To eventually provide yoga and art classes!

  • Until our brick-and-mortar home opens, our practitioners will offer their services at their preferred locations.


Meet Christina

“As multifaceted human beings, we are so much more than our bodies. In order to make a lasting shift towards wellness and wholeness, healing of the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies becomes necessary. For me, it wasn’t until I began the steady work of healing my heart that my body could finally begin to heal.”


Here at the Sanctuary, we create beautiful hand-knotted mala beads with a variety of natural stones. These stones are chosen for their unique healing energies, and each mala is cleared and imbued with healing intention for the highest good of the wearer. Visit our store to see what is available, or contact Chris via our contact page for custom order requests. 

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Hello and welcome!

My name is Christina Walter, and I create sacred art. 

I work on a deep level through mediumship and Shamanic healing to empower others on their own healing journeys. I am interested in working with those who are ready to heal themselves on the deepest levels, to really break open their hearts in hopes of finding the treasure that lives there, and to discover the source of their challenges in order to grow through them. The experience I have in facing my own pain, buried emotions and trauma provide me with a compassionate understanding of the commitment this requires.   

My name is Christina Walter. As an artist, I find meaning and beauty in what I see. But at the same time, I feel driven to understand the deeper aspects of life that are hidden, and to find the beauty and meaning there as well. Creating art has naturally tuned me into my intuition, and the exciting realm of the spiritual. 

In fact, this search for deeper understanding is what drives me beyond the painted image. It is this curiosity and subsequent exploration that has led me into the mystical. I want to know who we are really, underneath how we show ourselves to the world. I want to understand the purpose for unhappiness and pain. I want to experience deep fulfillment and grow into the most healed and whole self I can. I want to overcome my own personal road blocks and perceived limitations so that I can open to the full potential within me. I want to find fulfillment and joy in this existence, and to share that joy with others. 

This website is both a gallery of artistic expression and a spiritual exploration into the mystical. 

We are all given our own particular challenges to grow through. It is how we find our mettle. It is our chance to learn what we’re made of, and how to live according to our own personal code, aligning ourselves with what means most to us. I read once that we begin to disapprove of ourselves when we fail to uphold what is most important to us. This begins the tragic fall from unconditional self-love to shame, self-loathing and despair. Because, when we can finally be in the world in a way that we are proud of, we can stop judging ourselves for failures and start to use our mistakes as opportunities to learn. We can love ourselves, which allows us to really love others. I think this is why we are all here. And it all starts with opening our minds to what we can’t immediately see. It starts with the mystical. 

Hello there! My name is Christina Walter, and I am an artist who creates sacred art. My background is in Spiritual Mediumship and Shamanic Healing, both of which I am devoted to for their amazing potential to heal what cannot be reached by other means. I am wholly committed to my own healing and growth so that I may help others who struggle with their own challenges from a place of compassion and understanding for the process. And I am guided by my spirit guides, my intuition, creativity and heart to do the work that I do. I have learned through my own suffering that it is often repressed emotions and unconscious beliefs that create stagnation in the energy systems and illness within the body. In the process of healing from decades of chronic illness, I have had to face all of it. But in doing so, I have freed myself of the pain, discovering joy and fulfillment in my life again after too many years of numbness and unhappiness. All of us have amazing potential within just waiting to be set free! 

If you are ready to see that you are more than you think you are, and if you are willing to take on the work of self-healing, I would love to help in any way I can to aid you on your path. I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit, and that you find a piece of inspiration to support you on your own healing journey. 

Welcome to my sanctuary. 

By accessing our most intuitive and creative aspects, we can begin to peel away the layers of distortion, illusion and self-judgement that has kept our most authentic selves hidden. 

Intention is a powerful thing, my friends. It puts energy into the physical, and I t makes the impossible possible. 

So let us break open our hearts in order to heal our wounds, discovering the intense beauty of this precious life, revealing the power and perfection of our souls. 

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