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Spiritual Mediumship

We are all constantly surrounded by loved ones in spirit, guides and teachers who wish to help us throughout our lives, whether we are aware of them or not. Mediumship is a beautiful opportunity to receive messages, wisdom and love from those in Spirit who care for us deeply. As a medium, I am able to relay these messages, always with the intention to be of service for the highest good. It is always humbling and amazing to witness the wisdom of the Spirit world in support of our lives.

Shamanic Healing

Our physical health, happiness and personal fulfillment are all intimately interconnected. The ancients of almost every culture understood that illness and pain are bi-products of buried emotional, mental or spiritual wounds, which, upon release, can spur healing in the physical body and energetic system. Shamanic healing provides spirit-guided insight and focused energetic healing targeting the source of dis-ease and pain, allowing for some of the deepest healing possible.

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The term "aura graph" was coined by Harold Sharp, a medium from the 1940's.