The Practitioner makes all the difference when it comes to the effectiveness of any healing process. The Sanctuary seeks legitimate, gifted Practitioners that are as dedicated to their own healing as to those they help. These healers know that working on their own healing process makes them clearer channels for the beautiful gifts they share with the world. 

We will be slowly expanding this list, carefully searching out those practitioners we find to be most effective in the modalities they practice. 

Meet Christina 

Founder of Sanctuary for the Soul


Hello and welcome!


My name is Christina Walter, and I am an artist, empath, spiritual medium, mother of three, and the founder of Sanctuary for the Soul. I have been aware of the spirit world since I was very young and have felt drawn to the spiritual ever since. Art is my first true love that tuned me into my intuition, and still acts as a way for me to connect the inspirational world of spirit with the physical world through metaphors and imagery. I have a background in Fine Arts, Intuitive Development, Mediumship, meditation, Yoga, Reiki, Energy Healing, and Shamanic Healing to further understand the connection between our spirits, bodies, minds and emotions. I feel these are all intimately connected, and that to heal one part effectively requires the healing of all. Having personally struggled with long-term chronic illness in the past, I feel drawn to helping others navigate their healing journeys. My work centers around tuning in to the loving assistance of the spirit world, whose wisdom and scope greatly surpasses human views. So that we may all begin to remember the perfection of our own spirits, in order to heal the world.