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Making Friends with the Bear

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

What do you think of yourself? Do you like who you see in the mirror, or do you instead wonder who that person really is underneath what you show others? Are you offering the world your greatest gifts or do you, like many, simply offer what you can do without searching for what really inspires and motivates you? Or maybe there’s a quiet voice inside wanting your life to be more than the life you’ve accepted as your own? This is not unusual, and if this rings true, you are certainly not alone. But the great news is, you are the hero in this story!

What if I told you that, beneath the thick layer of self-criticism we all tend to have, there is much more to each of us than we may currently dare to imagine? Because it is a fact. We are all bursting at the seams with potential greatness, if we will commit to releasing the limitations we’ve accepted about ourselves. 

Marianne Williamson said, “ Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.” She’s talking about our individual greatness, our soul light or the higher self, the “Much-ness” that the Mad Hatter talks about in Alice In Wonderland. And there is so “much” more to us than we let on. The secret truth is that our potential can be a very scary thing to accept about ourselves in a world that has us convinced otherwise.

I had a dream the other night that I was trapped in my house with a huge brown bear. Terrified and bent on survival, I did everything I could think of, from trying to feed it, to distracting it with loud noises, to hiding from it. But it always knew where to find me. The bear soon had me cornered, and I waited for it to devour me whole. To my surprise, it appeared to instead prefer a partnership. We slowly became comfortable around each other, developing trust. And from that point on, we became inseparable.

This bear went everywhere with me, and I no longer felt like the fragile, insecure version of myself I had always assumed I was. The bear had my back. 

When I awoke I knew the bear symbolized the powerful and real ME I had been searching for for so long. But my conditioning to stay small made the fear of being devoured by this larger, more powerful Self truly terrifying. And all this time, though I would have sworn that I was searching for it, there was still a part of me that had actually been running away from it and self-sabotaging to prevent from fulfilling my potential. 

I think all of us do this in at least some facet of our lives. We come into this world perfect and whole and fearless, and then we lose that innate purity with the influence of our environments and outside conditioning. We forget who we really are, and instead become collages of what our families, beliefs, cultures and religions tell us we are. We learn to live within small boxes that keep us limited, afraid to question or change. And, if we believe all of what everybody tells us about us, including our own inner critics, then we embody those limitations. Sometimes our bodies fall ill, and often joy and fulfillment elude us. 

So how do we dig back down to the beautiful souls that we really are and show up for ourselves and the world as the amazing beings we were always meant to be? How do we unlearn what has kept us so limited, small and often unhappy, and embrace our joy, our health, our “Muchness?” And, knowing that each of us is capable of our own unique brilliance, how do we heal ourselves from the inside out so that we can shine that brilliance to light the way for others?

That’s what this blog and Sanctuary for the Soul is all about: healing ourselves so that we can shine as the beautiful, creative, intuitive humans we were always meant to be. We will discuss various healing modalities that are available and effective. There will be stories around spiritual growth and wisdom gained from experiences. We’ll talk about using tools like creativity, meditation, breathing, yoga, psychic awareness, intuitive development, intention, crystals, oils, exercise, music and more, all to grow ourselves into our natural greatness. We will talk about ART!

But this blog is also about growing our individual brilliance through discovering and following our joy and empowerment! Because the world needs empowered, healthy and amazing people to bring new energy, love, awareness and healing to the planet. And there is no one else on Earth that can offer your unique brand of amazing like you can! The Sanctuary is a refuge and safe place where we can meet with a community of like-minded others bent on self-improvement, growth and healing, for direction and honest help when needed. Because it’s nice to know that we’re not in this alone. 

So welcome to this fine community of seekers who work to make the world better, one human at a time. Welcome to our Sanctuary.

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