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Discover the sacred within.

Come and explore the creative and the intuitive with me, for sacred treasure lies within the sanctuary of our souls.

Let's grow through our natural emotional and spiritual natures to access the beauty and power of our authentic selves. We are all so much more than we think we are. 

We can heal beyond previous obstacles and perceived limitations. We are not the sum of these ideas or beliefs. 
We are Divine in nature.

And our souls are waiting for us to step into our birthright of joy, unconditional love and purpose. 

Let's heal this world...one beautiful human at a time.


My name is Chris Walter, and I am an intuitive artist, medium and Shamanic healer. All of the work that I do centers around promoting empowerment through creativity, intuitive development, healing and spiritual growth. 


Having personally experienced decades of long-term illness, I learned that I already possessed the tools necessary to finally heal. Attuning to my natural spiritual gifts changed everything, and brought me to the realization that all of us are born with the particular tools we need to learn and grow through our challenges. And all of us have access to the support and unconditional love of the Spirit World that surrounds us. Cooperating in my own healing was preparation for helping others. I work with those who are ready to heal themselves, to align with their soul purpose, and to move through their challenges and grow into their most expansive and powerful selves. Healing is possible. Joy is our birthright. 


As an artist, inspiration comes naturally when I open my heart to work. I am learning to cooperate with the Universal Intelligence that communicates so easily through our creativity. And, as a medium, it was a matter of time before the images of spirit guides and passed loved ones began to populate into my drawings and paintings. Creating Spirit Art is a very exciting new application that I am currently learning, combining my two great loves, spirituality and creativity into one. 


My hope is to share my work here and also to encourage the creators in each of us to make something that wasn’t there before. Let’s bring more of our unique beauty and brightness into this world! I hope you will find something inspiring and helpful here to aid you on your journey to living your most authentic, creative and expansive life. 


My Work

Spirit Art & Messages

We are all constantly surrounded by loved ones in spirit, guides and teachers who wish to help us throughout our lives, whether we are aware of them or not. Mediumship is a beautiful opportunity to receive messages, closure, wisdom and love from those in Spirit who care for us deeply. As a medium, I am able to relay these messages.

As a Spirit Artist, I draw and paint impressions I receive from Spirit. This can be images of loved ones who have passed, and it can also be messages in visual form. Both Mediumship and Spirit Art bring evidence that life continues beyond death. There is so much healing and comfort available when we open to the love and support that surrounds us.

Shamanic Healing

Our physical health, happiness and personal fulfillment are all intimately interconnected. The ancients of almost every culture understood that illness and pain are bi-products of buried emotional, mental or spiritual wounds, which, upon release, can spur healing in the physical body and energetic system. Shamanic healing provides spirit-guided insight and focused energetic healing targeting the source of dis-ease and pain, allowing for some of the deepest healing possible.

Intuitive Art 

Creating art is an exploration into what is within us: our spirit, the subconscious, and our own divinity and inner knowing. For me it has not only been an intuitive guide for my own healing journey but also a means of bringing understanding and healing forward for those around me. Everything I create is made with the intention to bring healing for the greatest good, from my paintings and sculptures to stone malas and bracelets. When art is created with intention, it becomes infused with the energy of that intention. 

I work in many mediums, however oil paint has been with me since the beginning. It was durning painting that I began to feel connected with the Spiritual guidance around me. Spirit Art was a natural fit for me. I am currently working with concrete, building 3D sculpture. While this is very different than clay, I am excited to be doing sculpture again! 

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Classes and Events Coming Soon!

Are you ready to have fun doing some group activities again? I am excited to start offering new opportunities to connect with community, sharing ways we can create, heal and grow together. It's time for all of us to remember that we are not alone as we open ourselves to new conversations, inspirations and possibilities.  Join me for upcoming events, classes and talks soon. Check back often to see what is new, or join the mailing list!

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