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Mehndi (Henna)

Henna is a plant that has been valued for thousands of years medicinally and for its powerful dying properties for the hair, nails and skin. Henna art (or Mehndi) is the traditional use of henna paste made with dried and ground leaves applied to the skin in beautiful decorative designs and patterns. Once the dried paste is removed, a sort of temporary tattoo of the art is left on the skin in a lovely shade of brown. Though the origins of Henna art are uncertain, it was used throughout the Middle East and Africa, and in ancient India and Egypt. It is thought to have even been used by Cleopatra to decorate her skin.

Henna is considered a blessing for the wearer. It is associated with positive spirits, prosperity and good luck. In Hindu cultures, Henna is painted on the bride as a symbol of beauty, joy and spiritual awakening. It is used for rites of passage, religious ceremonies, pregnancies, festivals and simply for adornment. Henna is now a global art form, appreciated for its beauty and for its traditional uses. 

How it works...


Mediumship is a three-way conversation between a Medium, the client, and their loved ones or guides in the Spirit World. A Medium is someone who is sensitive to subtle energy and can tune into the energy of Spirit around them. As a Medium develops their gifts through practice, they learn to translate the messages that they receive for the living relatives more and more accurately.

Mediumship is like a puzzle. There are many different ways to receive information and everyone's abilities are different. I am a very Clair-sentient Medium, meaning that, first and foremost, I feel information physically in my body that the Spirit World provides as clues. For example, I can feel the weight of a man versus a woman; Spirit will nudge me to show which side of the family they come from; and I can often feel how the person died or ailments they suffered before their death. Depending on the Spirit, I can often hear their words and even sometimes their accents. This is called Clair-audience. Sometimes they show me images (Clair-voyance) that are significant to them, and sometimes they just drop information into my mind (Clair-cognizance) that I just know without knowing exactly how. Some Mediums smell and taste things, though this happens less frequently in my experience. The Spirit World uses the knowledge and experience of the Medium to build up a sort of library of how they can get information across. Some spirits will blend easily with my energy, and their messages will come through loud and clear, while some will not be as easily understood. 



How it works...


Stone Bracelets
I have felt the influence of the Spirit World in my art since I began painting at age 14. Usually some message is conveyed thru the art process, without my conscious awareness or planning of it. After a piece is finished, I often begin to see the significance of elements of the work: of colors I thought I had randomly chosen, of shapes and images that emerged seemingly on their own, and of deeper meanings that teach me far beyond the completion of the work. So it can be said that I have been in a learning process through co-creating my art with Spirit since childhood

And then came Spirit Art. This is being influenced by the Spirit World at a whole new level, when the painting or drawing seems to come alive on it's own, and the images of Spirits appear almost magically as I work. It first happened with the painting of Chief Red Cloud, one of my known guides. I struggled with every part of the painting until I worked on his face. And suddenly every mark seemed perfect and completely effortless. It was as if my hand was being guided by an outside force. It is apparent how different the face is compared to the rest of the painting. And no matter where one stands in the room before it, the eyes seem to follow.
As a medium, I am thrilled by this experience and the possibilities in receiving information in this way. I have since undertaken the study of Spirit Art, working on my development with my Artist guides, and I am looking forward to offering Spirit Art as a regular part of my Mediumship soon.   


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