Freedom through creativity

The day my high school art teacher placed the first tube of oil paint in my hands, he gave me a precious gift. He taught me that the blank canvas provided a place to explore difficult emotions and subject matter otherwise avoided or discouraged. The oils became the means to express myself  free from judgement, where only my authentic voice sounded. No one could argue with me there, or tell me I was wrong, or shame me, or place their well-meaning beliefs upon me. It was safe in that space to discover how I really felt, and it became a source of comfort, joy and discovery for me.

Our subconscious speaks through art as it does in dreams, disclosing secrets, beliefs and buried pain so that healing can happen in the waking consciousness. Likewise, our souls speak through our intuition and creativity, so the art we make can become a teacher for us if we recognize it. Every mark is meaningful, every color is important, every shape and subject is revealing. What a beautiful way to communicate with the hidden parts of ourselves! I will always be grateful to my teacher who quietly inspired me to use my creative voice when I wasn't sure what to say.  

May you be inspired in your own creative efforts to discover the voice of your own spirit! 

With love, Chris

This site is dedicated to Bill Eccles. Thank you for believing in me!

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